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What is Innovate Newberg?

The Innovate Newberg initiative brings our schools, community and businesses together to learn the skills and mindsets of innovation that are needed to drive economic growth in our region. Here are some things we’re doing:

  • In partnership with parents, businesses and our community, the Newberg School District’s vision is for all students to graduate with the 5C experience needed to be successful, contributing citizens in our 21st Century’s digital economy. The 5Cs are: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship. These are the skills that businesses need.
  • An integrative component that connects the 5C mission with businesses and community is Newberg High School’s Integrated Design Studio, a multi-disciplinary, project-based maker-space for experiential learning. Every year, student-led teams will design and build a significant piece of architecture and function in Newberg that addresses a current need.
  • Businesses like A.R.E. Manufacturing are investing in job-shop programs in the schools that provide real-world training and experience to students while paying the bills. Tiger Manufacturing is an onsite facility at the high school with advanced manufacturing equipment and staff from A.R.E. Products made at Tiger Manufacturing go to A.R.E. customers and the proceeds  sustain its operation.


Connecting people to possibilities.


Newberg is the Gateway to Wine Country. Viticulture and high-value agriculture are at the heart of our economy. And new technologies are shaping these sectors as never before, allowing us to be smarter, faster in order to reduce costs and improve yields. Ag-Tech is the just as important to our world as Smart Cities, maybe more. We need to prepare our future farmers to be at the forefront of these advances.


Newberg’s advanced manufacturing sector employs more people than any other sector – the highest per capita in the state in fact. But new production technologies and the need for mechatronics to maintain them, are permeating many industries, from manufacturing to car repair. Newberg, Chehalem Valley and Oregon need a talented workforce to keep up with power curve of technological innovation.


In our technology-driven, digitally-based economy, the creative sector is emerging as a critical component for long-term economic growth. Think about the impact of TED Talks… The creative sector brings together designers, critical thinkers, software developers, scientists and engineers, builders and makers, to solve problems for communities, economies and how we live. More than ever, we need the talent to innovate and invent.

Who we are…

Local businesses make big changes

Local businesses make big changes

Offering expertise and mentorship to help solve our complex problems.

Young minds bring tomorrow's solutions

Young minds bring tomorrow's solutions

Learning to see ourselves as creative innovators, beyond the limits of the classroom.

Educators rising to the challenge

Educators rising to the challenge

Providing the tools for students to unlock their potential as creative problem solvers and innovators.

Our community serving itself & others

Our community serving itself & others

Supporting each other, developing ideas, and enacting change.

Our Stories & Experiences

Under Construction: the Agile Learning Lab

There are a couple of fantastic projects that are happening at the high school. One is the creation of a mental wellness center. The other is the building of an Agile Learning Lab. For the first project, we found a few motivated, smart community partners and gave them...

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Newberg HS Tiger Trades 2018

Student organized and led, Newberg High School hosted Tiger Trades Day on Friday, October 5th. Led by the CEO of Tiger Manufacturing, a student-run, for profit, on campus manufacturing business, the entire day was organized to showcase the various career and technical...

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Beyond Measure: Schools at the Heart of Change

Thanks to Education First, 20 educators from all over Yamhill County and the west valley attended the first viewing in Oregon of the movie Beyond Measure. Schools/districts included: Chemeketa Community College, Dallas, Dayton, Delphian, Grand Ronde, North Marion,...

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Technology Association of Oregon Recognizes Newberg

Check out this great video premiered at Technology of Oregon's (TAO) annual conference showcasing the great work that its education spinoff and foundation, Innovate Oregon, has accomplished. Beginning with a few passionate transformers who know how to disrupt and...

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IDS tiny house review

The Integrated Design Studio (IDS) at Newberg High School is a multi-disciplinary, project-centered approach to teaching and learning. Our students are thinkers and makers, designers and builders, hackers and hipsters, future plumbers and physicians. We employ a...

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Mountain View Middle School & School Retool

As the Construct Foundation kicks off Oregon’s second School Retool cohort in Central, Oregon this week, (see press release)  with 19 principals from Culver, Crook, Redmond, and Bend LaPine school districts, we recently reached back to a School Retool Fellow from last...

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Student-Led Programs

It’s incredible what students can accomplish when they are allowed to lead and are supported by their schools and communities. These student-led programs will amaze you. Take the time to check out their websites.

Innovate Oregon Initiatives

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We are working together to create an inclusive innovation-based economy



We are committed to creating new opportunities for our communities


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