Check out this great video premiered at Technology of Oregon’s (TAO) annual conference showcasing the great work that its education spinoff and foundation, Innovate Oregon, has accomplished. Beginning with a few passionate transformers who know how to disrupt and challenge our 20th century industrial education systems and bring them into the 21st century – so that we have the workforce and talent to meet our statewide needs -TAO’s goal of building the pipeline of talent for high-tech is well on its way.

Disruption happens in fits and starts, small at first, then larger adopters join in, and voila – the tipping point when the rest of the world catches on!  TAO and the Innovate Oregon Foundation have two goals:

  1. Make sure that Oregon has the makers, coders, and doers that our companies need to hire, and
  2. Create and perfect a model of education for our 21st century learners – of all ages and populations – that can be replicated and scale to other states and nations.